No, football didn’t ‘come home’ last night, but I think we can all say that our boys did us proud!

I know that many children (and adults) will be feeling a little fragile, following last night’s game, but we are mindful of this today and will be using the England team’s performance as a valuable lesson today and in the future.

The team played with pride, integrity, determination and skill. No one individual stood out more than the rest or appeared to think they were more important than the team. These are all values that we uphold at Wallington Primary and it is so great to have a men’s football team who are genuinely positive role models for our boys!

Last night they tweeted the following:
To everyone who supported us. To everyone who believed this time was different. To everyone who wasn’t afraid to dream. To everyone who knows this is only the beginning. Thank you. We hope we made you proud. #threelions

Boys, you absolutely did make us proud! Thank you 🙂

As well as the lions, we also have our fantastic lionesses! We have a fantastic women’s team who are also brilliant role models for our girls. The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup finals will be hosted in France from 7th June 2019, to 7th July 2019. England’s crucial FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifier against Wales will be staged at Newport County’s Rodney Parade. The Group 1 clash will take place on Friday 31 August. So don’t put away the flags and bunting just yet – who knows what could happen!